The Nerdery - Overnight Website Challenge

Chicago 2017, March 18-19

Nuthin but Net

With three dedicated designers and a video/photo producer, our team starts with a visually immersive web design. Our six engineers have years of experience leveraging best-of-breed technologies to deliver this immersive design. We use Umbraco CMS to allow you to update this content. Finally, we have two strategists (including a Community Engagement/Social Media Strategist) that will help your team expand your organization's online presence beyond your new immersive website. All of this incredible talent is well organized to best serve your organization's mission.

Come ready to work with us -- we use an agile methodology that allows us to complete an incredible amount of work in 24 hours. Bring drives full of photos, videos...bring your team members...bring yourself...and bring your Camelbak (or water bottle)'s gonna be a great ride!

Our team is comprised of some of Overnight Website Challenge's most experienced technologists. We have years and years of experience with a variety of industries and sectors. Specifically, our team has built small and huge Non-Profit websites, such as Boston Symphony Orchestra and Chicago Symphony Orchestra. We've also worked with smaller teams on a professional basis and in past Overnight Website Challenges.

To Web ready to:
- Join and participate in our Slack channel
- Join us at a REQUIRED pre-game meeting (Feb 21, 5 to 10 PM at Nerdery Chicago).
- Join us at OWC ready to work and ready to pace yourself. We'll make sure you get the needed rest and support to be effective.
- Join us at a REQUIRED post-game meeting (about two weeks after the event).

Support Commitment

Nuthin but Net has made the following pledge of continued support to any nonprofit they may be paired with:

Nuthin but Net is excited to partner with you and your organization. Good partners set good here are ours:

- Come ready to work at Overnight Website Challenge -- we will deliver working software in 24 hours. Bring all assets, team members, and anything else. Think about what you'd like before the event...have bulleted lists for us!
- There will be clean up after OWC -- be ready to meet with us virtually and collaborate with us.
- Your new technology must launch within one month of OWC, if not before. Work with us on this...we're good and helping you make the leap!

We will limit all of our post-event support to 10 total hours and we'll be happy to spend an additional 2 hours in knowledge transfer to an intern or other technical person.

12 of 12 Possible Members

  • Thumbnail_ctidd

    C Tidd / ctidd_


    Frontend Dev / UX/IA / Strategy / Graphic Design +

  • Thumbnail_me

    Ben Liset


    Backend Dev / Frontend Dev / Copywriting / QA +

  • Thumbnail_12036788_10101475533511055_7210510939148652236_n

    Joy Reed / jedijoy


    Graphic Design / UX/IA / Strategy / Project Mgmt +

  • Thumbnail_kluhman

    Kaleb Luhman / @kalebjon101892


    Backend Dev / Frontend Dev / QA / Strategy +

  • User_avatar_thumbnail

    Jesse Black


    Backend Dev / QA / Frontend Dev / Copywriting +

  • User_avatar_thumbnail

    Brienne Moore


    UX/IA / Strategy / Copywriting / Project Mgmt +

  • User_avatar_thumbnail

    Aaron Ogan / aaronogan


    Backend Dev / Frontend Dev / Project Mgmt / Strategy +

  • Thumbnail_cropped

    Claire Lipskey / tackjhompson


    Frontend Dev / Strategy / Backend Dev / UX/IA +

  • Thumbnail_img_0904

    Kyle Sowards / kyleloveswords


    QA / Project Mgmt / Frontend Dev / Copywriting +

  • User_avatar_thumbnail

    Eric Pitt /


    QA / Backend Dev / Frontend Dev / Copywriting +

  • Thumbnail_kballard

    Ken Ballard / windycityken


    QA / Backend Dev / Strategy / Project Mgmt +

  • Thumbnail_prof-sq-small

    Reid Compton / reidcompton


    Backend Dev / Frontend Dev / QA / Graphic Design +

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