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Chicago 2017, March 18-19

South Side Fire FC

For nearly a decade South Side Fire (SSF) has provided children on the South and West Sides of Chicago with programs that develop a sense of community, teach physical skills, provide opportunities for leadership, and engage empathy.

In 2008 we started as place for kids to learn to play soccer at a high level, coached by experienced professionals. We have grown into a charitable organization that promotes the development of our children on and off the field. Our youth grow as complete individuals, through opportunities to participate in community and travel soccer, training as junior coaches and referees, academic enrichment, and mentoring.

The families of SSF hail from 54 zip codes and speak 12 different languages. The 250 kids in our programs range in age from 4 to 18 years. Our community is comprised of a wide variety of cultures, customs, and resources. Financial aid is provided by private donations.

What new functionality we are looking for

Generally, we hope to entirely overhaul our site to make it more intuitive to navigate, to make the work simpler and the results more powerful that end-users (our families) and staff can accomplish, to incorporate a good deal more back-end functionality, and to make the site more aesthetically pleasing and attractive to users.

Specifically, we are looking to:

1) Implement a front end that is easily navigable across platforms (computer, tablet, phone, watch, etc.) with a consistent, exciting house style to consolidate our brand, improve the user experience of our audience, and draw new views.

2) Create an easy to use bi-lingual (English/Spanish) user interface.

3) Develop a consistent, nimble information architecture that handles user information confidentially; collects relevant data regarding users, potential benefactors, program partners and other resources; makes data available for complex queries.

4) Develop a straightforward, secure system for accepting payment for programs, accepting cash donations, managing in-kind donations, and managing fundraising events, including the sale of tickets, gifts, raffles, etc.

5) Implement a back-end that allows for the easy management and publication of timely content, organizational calendars, team-rosters, academic enrichment pairings, etc.

How the new functionality will help

Simply, a beautiful website that is easy to navigate, simple to use, and powerful will be transformative for our organization. The site, its architecture, and its functions will facilitate the accomplishment of work, rather than serve to complicate it.

Our families will be more aware of our services and our staff will be more able to provide these services with the power made available by new website functionality and with the extra time at hand that can be invested in developing new programs.

How our organization will use the technology

The new technology will allow our staff to bring services to our audience more effectively, whether it be more easily registering families, simplifying and clarifying transactions, or serving critical information quickly and efficiently.

The presence of a bi-lingual interface will be crucial to broadening the communities we serve and the quality of the product they experience.

Who will use the technology

Families--Registering for programs will be simpler, time-critical information can be pushed in timely fashion to devices of choice, general organizational information will be more easily at hand.

Staff--Robustly updating the website will take less time, a broader audience can be more easily served, currently manual tasks will be automated.

Board--High level planning will be facilitated by centralizing organizational information and making it easily available to query, the organization's financial health will be improved by facilitating donor development, managing existing philanthropy, and easing the distribution of financial aid to deserving families.

Before & After Snapshots

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40 Messages from Supporters

2017-02-13 16:06:51 UTC
Jean Tillman

SSF is an excellent program. My granddaughter loves it. I find it difficult to navigate the website. I know that an updated website would eliminate this problem and make it simpler to obtain and receive information.

2017-02-13 00:44:54 UTC
Emily Doss

Southside Fire is an excellent organization with a bad website. It is difficult to find information at all, and the information available is poorly organized and incomplete. It would also be a great addition to allow movement between Spanish and English, as one of the strengths of the organization is its success in bringing together players (and their families) who share a love for soccer across languages and cultures. Southside fire is run on a shoe string reflecting its commitment to keeping the program as affordable as possible and maximizing funds available for financial aid.

2017-02-13 01:20:23 UTC


I am a team manager for one of our Under 11 teams as well as a parent of two SSF players. South side fire is more than a youth soccer club, it is a community of children who are collectively learning not only about soccer, but about friendship, sportsmanship and embracing diversity. Our players are proud of their ever improving soccer skill, but more importantly knowing that they are part of a club that is unique in that no child is ever turned away, regardless of ability to pay tuition.

Unfortunately our website has been a barrier to enrollment of new players, ability to obtain donations as well as simple communication of events with parents. For our families with non English speaking parents, or those with limited computer skills, registration on our website has been a near impossible task. As a team manager, updating the website and communication with parents is difficult releasing in lots of "work arounds" such as texting parents instead of posting new information on our website.

South side fire has mission beyond just playing soccer and as we hope to grow and offer this experience to more members of our community, an improved website is key to our success.

Thanks for your consideration!

2017-02-13 01:33:39 UTC
Renee Aronsohn

As a mother of two south side fire players, I can attest to this club not only being an extraordinary soccer club but a model of how communities can come together for a common goal. In these times, more than ever, respect for others and importance of diversity is the most important lessons we can teach our children.

The website has been a significant downside to the club. It is slow, hard to navigate and does not showcase how special our club really is. A new website that mirrors how unique and our club is and would be a huge asset in helping with philanthropy and attracting new players.

Thank you for your consideration!

2017-02-13 00:53:14 UTC
Suzanne Kaufman

I am the parent of two girls who play for South Side Fire. I am also a team manager for one of the teams. I love SSF and my girls have been playing on teams with the club for six and five years respectively. The club is a community club and it draws players from all over the South Side and beyond. Thus the club reflects the rich diversity of the south side. The club also provides generous financial aid -- so that people of all economic backgrounds can have the opportunity to play club soccer and experience the great joy of being on a team. My girls have learned teamwork and have become confident young women. They receive great coaching!

While I love SSF, I don't love its website. It needs updating. It takes a very long time to register the girls for their teams, and it has sometimes hard to find necessary information on the team webpages. As a team manager, I have a hard time keeping the team page updated, and it takes forever to list the games on the schedule.

I think that we could attract new players and get more funding from potential donors if we had a better/more professional-looking website. A new and improved website would enable South Side Fire to grow!
Thank you!

2017-02-13 01:03:40 UTC
Deb Werner

South Side Fire is a wonderful organization that provides opportunities to girls and boys on the South Side of Chicago, and nobody is turned away due to inability to pay the tuition. Kids get an opportunity to experience what it means to be part of team--sharing both successes and failures--and to grow together. The coaches care about the kids and how they are doing both on and off the soccer field. In an era in which schools have cut time for physical education classes and recess, SSF gives its players the physical outlet that is so important for health and wellness, especially in kids.

As a parent, I use the website to find look at league and tournament schedules, photos of the teams, and other important information. It is often difficult to know where to go to find different kinds of information, particularly time sensitive information. And for families new to the organization, the website is confusing--one doesn't really know where to start.

A website redesign would help better organize the information, making it easier for everyone to find important information. It would also be more visually appealing to better reflect the type of organization SSF is.

2017-02-13 01:59:05 UTC
Soccer mom

HPNC and Southside Fire Soccer are special organizations.
Kids of all different races and nationalities play together as teammates.
Teams come from other areas and seem amazed at the good productive sportsmenship in the heart of Chicago.
We could use help making our website more accessible for our dedicated families and supports and also other
visitors to our area participating with or competition against us. Help us to thrive in this digital age.

2017-02-13 02:03:38 UTC
Mike Grosse

Great coaching, Great kids, and perhaps most importantly excellent team managers that keep the entire machinery running smoothly. A quality club top to bottom and a terrific asset to this diverse community.

2017-02-13 02:05:53 UTC
Poppy Beiser, 5th grader, 11 year old soccer player

Playing with South Side Fire has not only been a great soccer experience, but I've made a lot of new friends. When you play with your teammates three days a week and have soccer games on the weekends, it brings you closer to your team. The coaches really care about you. They make sure you're not upset, and that you're playing at the right level in soccer. The coaches care more about you developing your soccer skills and trying new things on the field then they do about winning the game.

Having a better website would make it easier for parents and kids to communicate with coaches if you have a question or a concern. If your a player, a better website would help you see when and where your games are, who you are playing and what color jersey to wear. Also, just imagine if your first language is Spanish and you have to try and read a website that is only in English?! It might be hard so having a bi-lingual website is a good idea. If we had a better website we would be able to save time by being able to post information all at once to parents, players and people looking to join our soccer club.

2017-02-13 03:16:35 UTC
Marlon McKenzie

I've coached for Southside fire for past 9 years. Its great organization to work for and my second family.

It provides one of best environment for player development and growth. Our coaches are highly experienced and dedicated professionals. Our diverse community of families are welcoming and some best people to be around.

I wish I could speak this highly of our website. It is very poorly designed and not very user friendly. A redesign of our webpage would vastly improve the functionality of the club and improve staff and families online experience. A key functionality I would like our website have is the ability to communicate effectively to our Spanish speaking community. A Bilingual website would make this process simple and welcoming to our Spanish speakers. I would also like to see our registration process simplified and streamlined. Our current registration is very confusing and time consuming. Communication with families is another aspect of our web platform that is cumbersome. It's very difficult to create email lists and generate emails and send emails to the entire club.

Thanks for considering us!

2017-02-13 03:21:30 UTC
Elke Aippersbach

South side Fire is an excellent organization that our son joined just under a year ago. Because we are new to the organization and I feel like I'm always asking the organizers very basic questions. They invariably refer me to the website and I invariably come back asking more questions because unfortunately the website is hard to navigate. Just last week we realized that we have not got in Health authorization forms for emergency treatment in case of injury, thankfully they've not been needed but our son has been playing for several months without these important forms because I did not realize he needed them and I was unsure where to get them on the website.

2017-02-13 01:02:55 UTC
William Sites

I am writing to say that SSF is an extraordinary soccer club and a great organization: fantastic coaches, committed parents and an exemplary community-oriented mission! My kids have learned not only great soccer skills but amazing life skills from the club, and we are extraordinarily pleased with the club -- except for one respect: the website is so dysfunctional that everyone has ceased using it!

We recognize that this is because the super-committed folks who run the club simply don't have the time and expertise to create a great website that is commensurate with the quality of the club. But it would be great if somebody who does could help them!

Many thanks for your consideration!

2017-02-13 02:25:51 UTC
David Cunningham

Southside Fire is a great organization that works within the community to help develop not only soccer skills, but also life skills. Hyde Park and the surrounding neighborhoods which the Fire serves make it one of the most diverse clubs in Chicagoland. In these times of racial adversity it's refreshing to see kids of all color and financial backgrounds come together to build life long friendships.
The SouthSide Fire website does not make it easy for those that are tech savvy to navigate it. People who might not be as tech savvy will be hard pressed to complete the most simple of tasks.
The website is also not very informative which is a shame. I have to visit other sites to get something as simple as game schedules.
Getting a new website that is functional would greatly benefit the SouthSide Fire organization and its outreach into the community.

2017-02-13 03:11:47 UTC
Will Greenland

South Side Fire is a great soccer club that is badly in need of a better website! At the moment we are struggling with a dated "out of the box" sports team website with inadequate calendar functionality, team management and so on. It would be great to have some experts take on the challenge of building a usable website for us.

2017-02-13 03:42:40 UTC
Dan McGehee

Hi, My daughter is in her 5th year with Southside Fire and it is a great team, and a great community soccer organization. SSF exemplifies excellence in both competition and sportsmanship. The cultural diversity reflects our neighborhood and is a source of pride and strength for the team and our community.

One weakness of the organization is the website, which provides important information in a format that is nearly impossible to navigate. From scheduling to game location to registration, it is always difficult and often impossibleto find or submit the necessary information. SSF has relied upon the generosity of well-meaning staff members, family and community supporters to generate and maintain this website and while their efforts are laudable, they truly need help. Thank you for considering supporting this effort and this outstanding organization.

2017-02-13 04:59:29 UTC
Guadalupe Vences

South Side Fire is an amazing club of which I have been part of for 5 years now and I have been able to see my daughter's progress. The club has so much to offer, but sadly others aren't able to see that when they reach our website. I believe that if we are given the opportunity to improve our website, we would finally be able to show what the club is all about and what it is able to offer to the rest of the community.

2017-02-13 05:17:17 UTC
Sarah Diwan

Like many parents, I am grateful to South Side Fire for giving my daughter expert coaching and the opportunity to gain confidence as an individual, as part of a team, and as part of a caring community. The coaches focus on responsibly developing the whole child, not just on winning the game.

I've always understood South Side Fire's value system, their commitment to kids learning life lessons through soccer, and their commitment to maintaining a professional coaching staff. I have never really understood their website, however. The transition to third party registration is awkward and confusing - so much so that I often find myself postponing submission of essential forms and fees. The last thing that a growing organization like South Side fire needs is for registrations to be delayed or fees not paid! So please, let's get them an improved website right away!

2017-02-13 02:09:02 UTC
Kaitlin McKenzie

What an awesome opportunity for a very deserving organization! South Side Fire has wonderful coaches, volunteers, and players - now we need a functional website to help us grow into an even bigger and better club. Since the website platform is rather clunky, it's not easy to find important information (and once you do find it, it's often outdated). The website needs a total overhaul to improve user experience for both current and prospective SSF families. Special thanks for considering us!

2017-02-13 02:46:08 UTC
Kelvin Carpenter

SSF is a great organization. I am proud to be a member of its community. However, the website is clunky and difficult to navigate using different tools (smart phone, tablet, computer). Also, information is hard to find within the current structure.

Creating a more user friendly site will help the organization disseminate information to its members and to the community. This will not only benefits SSF but, our community, future families, and all local soccer fans alike!!!

2017-02-13 02:50:59 UTC
Fiona Greenland

South Side Fire is a top-notch sports club with a commitment to broad community engagement, and the club could connect with a more diverse pool of families through a better web site. In the three years I've been with the club--as a parent and team manager--I've been inspired by the hard work of the coaches, volunteer board members, and parents, who go above and beyond the call of duty in supporting the club. We're located in a part of the city in which many children don't have opportunities for organized sports. We keep our overhead costs low so that coaches can focus on coaching, and no child is turned away because of money. What this means, however, is that we lack the kind of functional, user-friendly web site that invites users in and connects them quickly with helpful information. Thanks for considering us.

2017-02-13 02:53:06 UTC
David Kovar

I am a proud father of a U10B SSF travel player, and a younger Neighborhood Academy player. From the very first practice approximately three years ago, we have been the biggest fans of the SSF soccer program. Everything about SSF is first rate, including a great group of hard working and fun kids, exceptional coaches and mentors (Coach Lorin, Coach Marlon, and Coach Dorian), supportive parents, and dedicated volunteer team managers and club coordinators.

Everything about SSF is first rate, as I said, except for the website. The current website simply doesn't represent the high quality of this amazing organization, which has long range goals to bring the great sport of soccer to anyone interested in the south side of Chicago. The website is old, sloppy, boring, and ineffective. I can't thank you enough for considering this great organization for the high quality website it deserves.

2017-02-13 03:05:54 UTC
Dorothy Pytel

We have two kids that have been a part of the SSF family for years. We love the soccer but would be happy to see some major improvements on the website.

2017-02-13 03:18:47 UTC
Piers Nash

We are in our first year with Southside Fire. Our son loves his team and we have been very impressed with the organization, commitment of the staff and voluntees and the community of parents. A better website would signifcantky enhance the community feel and the ability to get information back out to the teams, parents and coaches. Southside Fire has incredible potential to grow benefit many more kids and families, and a strong website is a cornerstone for scaling the organization.

2017-02-13 03:21:46 UTC
Tina Louie

Being a new family to SouthSide Fire, I love the experience that the coaching staff and the team members have provided my player. It has been a fantastic introduction to travel soccer. My child has blossomed with the encouragement of all who are involved in South Side Fire.

However, the SSF website is very difficult to navigate. As an interested family, it was unclear how to receive more information about trying out for the team or how to contact staff who would have that information. Because the families of the SSF are such a cohesive unit, we were able to receive pertinent information through other methods. The website does not reflect the excellent work of the coaches and the teams. It does not contain information for existing families in a straight forward manner nor it does not entice new families to take the next steps in joining SSF.

Thank you so much for considering our organization! It would be wonderful to have an updated webstie that reflects the growing South Side Fire teams!

2017-02-13 03:32:50 UTC
Jay Rehm

We have 4 children currently enrolled in various South Side Fire FC programs, and feel incredibly lucky to have access to such committed coaches and volunteer staff. Unlike most soccer clubs, SSF offers financial aid to help maintain a socioeconomically diverse club. As others have noted, it's not just another FC!

A stronger web presence will help spread the word about our unique program. Just as importantly, it will make life easier for parents already a part of SSF, as well as team managers, coaches and staff.

Volunteer team managers have difficulty navigating the edit features of the web engine that drives our club webpage, with the result that most team pages lack even the most basic information: rosters, game schedules, venue locations, etc. This frustrates parents and prevents new families from getting a clear picture of our club's many successful teams and exciting programs. Registrations currently occur on an entirely separate web platform using software that is widespread throughout the US soccer industry, but fairly cumbersome for end users. This provides a second level of frustration for player families, in particular new player families who are not yet familiar with the idiosyncrasies of its web interface.

South Side Fire FC deserves better!

2017-02-13 04:17:25 UTC
Liqiong Tong

My daughter has joined the SSF soccer club for 4 years and she loves it. SSF is a great soccer club with excellent coaches, wonderful kids and a fantastic environment. This great, well-run community, however, is not reflected in the website. It is hard to navigate, find information, and it is not convenient for the bilingual, diverse players and families in the club. So, I strongly believe that SSF deserves a better, easily accessible, website.

2017-02-13 04:22:44 UTC
Michael Konetzka

South Side Fire (SSF) is great at building community and teaching kids but their web presence is impeding those efforts. What could be a vehicle for outreach is often a source of frustration, if not an outright barrier, for those who are interested in or need the kinds of programs that SSF offers. Beyond the need for improved functionality, an improved site could do so much more to reach out to a broader audience that could be well served by SSF's excellent programs. Thanks for your consideration!

2017-02-13 05:52:02 UTC
Jared A. Davis

When I started looking for a soccer program located in Chicago, I had what I thought were reasonable criteria. First, that the club was on the southside of Chicago. Two, that it was a non-profit. Three, that player development was
a priority over winning. South Side Fire was the only club that met my criteria and now two of my three sons play for the club. However, I soon learned that SSF was much more than my simple requirements. SSF is a place where a racially and economically diverse group of kids learn and play soccer together as teammates and as friends. They support each other unconditionally win or lose. It is truly amazing.

There is one dark spot in all of this, one hidden shame that haunts our club and prevents us from realizing true
soccer greatness. Simply put, our website sucks! Not only does it looks like crap it is about as unintuitive of navagating experience as you can get and don't get me started on updating any part of it.

Please help! 😕

2017-02-13 12:11:34 UTC
Lisa Jenschke

I have been a SSF parent for over five years and a team manager for almost that long. The team manager position is largely a volunteer position that entails communication between parents and coaches, as well as with the club administration. Although our website provides an email interface, it is difficult to control and update. Eventually, I gave up on the website email for communication with families. Ideally, we would also be able to keep team and player stats, game schedules, practice information, and updates on the website, but in reality, the website is an unintuitive platform, requiring more time and training than our team managers have in order to accomplish relatively small tasks. For many years we have tried to post information on the website for parents to use, but again and again, parents end up directly contacting their team managers with questions, because they don't know how to find the info on the website. Perhaps the most difficult thing is registration for programs. Often parents need to be walked through the online process step by step. In addition, a number of our families are Spanish speaking, and our current website provides no assistance to them.
Our club is currently taking on new challenges to offer a better range of programming to more families, and our website needs to be clear and accessible so that we can make this transition successfully.

2017-02-13 12:20:02 UTC
Christine Sterkel

My two girls play for south side fire.
It is not only a team that happens to play soccer,
it is a community. I am grateful for the many lessons,
so far beyond athletics, my kids have learned while participating.
SSF is a welcoming community; a safe place to grow,
and an opportunity to learn about working together.
The team's success relies upon the kids communication and collaboration.
It teaches them how to feel a sense of belonging to something
bigger than just their own achievements.
It truly is not about winning, but about character and
leadership, assertiveness, and making choices.
It is not for them about who's a star, but the team thrives
when the kids consider how they play the game and look out
for one another, support and connect with each other.

A website would be valuable in helping us build this
wonderful and unique community. It would make pleasure and
group identity more accessible to other deserving players and families.
Please help us in that worthwhile mission.

2017-02-13 13:55:25 UTC
Suzy Nemec

We have 3 children who have played in the SSF soccer teams--soon to be 4, as our ten year old would like to play (FINALLY!!). I will often defer to my husband to 'look things up' or check things on the website. I simply cannot seem to navigate the site. There is too much extraneous information on the pages and I truly believe if it were a simpler site, people wouldn't be so intimidated. We think SSF has so much potential but the lack of organization sometimes hurts the teams and if they had a site to support its efforts effectively it could make all the difference! SSF has many, many children on scholarship and the added burden of paying for a A website redesign is anadded financial burden for the club. We hope you consider SSF for receiving this wonderful gift!

2017-02-13 16:39:48 UTC
Susanne Wengle

South Side Fire is serving many Hyde Park families -- keeping our kids moving through amazing soccer coaching! They are dynamic, because of excellent professional coaching, and because of the volunteer efforts of many, many parent volunteers. The website reflects the history of the organization, as it grew and everyone added a bit here an there. Everyone in the SSF community would benefit from an overhaul - parents, coaches and kids!

2017-02-13 17:09:10 UTC
Itamar Francez

South Side Fire is not only a superb soccer club, it is also an organization that plays a vital role in our communal life, showcasing and nurturing the diversity of our neighborhood and the south side more generally. For many of our players, SSF is where they see and participate in a reality that defies the segregationist logic organizing every aspect of life around them, like school, housing, and the presence of violence.

The organization's web page is highly dysfunctional, because the people who run it, including many many parent volunteers, simply don't have the time and ability to make a website that reflects the outstanding quality of the club. Having a functional web page would do wonders to the organization's ability to reach out, expand, and make participation more accessible to more people around the south side of Chicago.

Thank you for your consideration!

2017-02-13 17:36:09 UTC
Anne Renna

As the busy parent of a South Side Fire soccer player, I find that I rely on the website for game and practice schedules, program and registration information. SSF as an organization achieves its core mission to provide wonderful coaching along with a commitment to ensure all kids can play, regardless of their economic status, but it could have a more user friendly website. Please help us! Thank you.

2017-02-13 20:27:34 UTC
Lisa J -Parent

As a parent, I have been delighted to see my daughter's team of girls grow and mature both on and off the field during the years they have played for South Side Fire. They have learned to handle the disappointment of losing, as well as how to win gracefully, but most importantly, how to support each other both on and off the field. They have learned to accept criticism about what they have done wrong on the field, and with their coach's guidance turn that into learning and improvement. They have learned that hard work pays off, and that they can accomplish more together than alone on the field. South Side Fire has given them the space and opportunity to do all of these things, while at the same time building ball skills, game strategy, and and strong bodies. South Side Fire is a nourishing community that builds bonds from coach to player to parent and back again. It's a great club that we have appreciated more with every passing year.

2017-02-13 19:15:15 UTC
David Beiser

Eight years ago when my family first got involved with South Side Fire in 2009, it was a small informal club run by one man with a passion for youth development and soccer. Back then, families would come to the club primarily through word of mouth or curious parents might stop by to talk as SSF kids practiced on the Midway Plaisance. Over the years the club has steadily grown in numbers and diversity -- we now draw families from across 54 ZIP codes and over 7 languages. We have also outgrown the grass fields of the Midway and now practice on higher quality, but far less visible, fields. In short, today our Website, not the Midway Plaisance, is our face to the community. While our website is functional and has some great new video content, it really isn't a website that invites new families to explore all that the club has to offer.

Also, our mission has also expanded to reflect our status as a 501c3 charity as we are now developing after-school programming that integrates academic tutoring with soccer development. In order to develop these programs we rely on fund-raising. A professional looking website is an essential need for us as we approach donor organizations.

SSF is arguably the most diverse soccer organization in Illinois. But it is more than that -- it is our community. Ideally, our website should serve as both the front door and the online hub of this community. With luck the Nerdery Challenge will help make this ideal a reality.

2017-02-14 01:09:30 UTC
Tim Benton

Southside Fire is an awesome soccer program that has a high impact on the kids of the south side of Chicago. Their website is limiting this impact.

2017-02-14 14:57:43 UTC

SSF is an amazing program that has a broader impact than just teaching kids soccer skills. My daughter has also learned about the importance of community, diversity, perseverance, and teamwork. It is a truly invaluable part of our southside community. The website doesn't do this program justice and likely is limiting the impact this program could have. I often resort to emailing the coach directly or texting other moms for information and/or updates and I know that an improvement to the website would be much appreciated by the SSF members and community at large!

2017-02-19 02:08:58 UTC
Sarah F Thompson

I am a SSF parent and a huge fan of this organization. The coaches and the organization as a whole demonstrate a strong commitment to mentoring boys and girls both on and off the field. As a fairly new parent, I feel like I often have questions about practice schedules, rain days, and other details. The current website is difficult to navigate and I often leave frustrated that I cannot find the information that I need. It would be wonderful to be able to customize the website for clearer scheduling, alerts for cancelled practices and to make it easier to submit and receive answers to questions.

2017-02-24 04:50:09 UTC
D Thompson

I became aware of South Side Fire when I was asked to produce a promotional video for the club. We filmed some testimonials of parents and players, who talked about their experiences on and off the field. I listened to players, parents, and coaches rave about the experiences that they were having and realized I had stumbled into something special. It was something that my family wanted to be a part of, so we signed our daughter up.

The team website is definitely challenging. I find it outdated and difficult to navigate. I hope that an upgrade will greatly improve the user experience.

Our Mission

South Side Fire FC (SSF) is a diverse, charitable organization building community, self-discipline, and success--one child at a time--via professionally coached soccer and academic enrichment. Through sports and academic mentorship, our programs allow girls and boys to engage in activities that develop leadership, independence, cooperation, empathy, and community building. SSF engages families on the culturally rich South and West Sides of Chicago, providing children an opportunity to learn and grow in a safe, nurturing environment.