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Chicago 2017, March 18-19

Up World Inc

Paired with The Take Uppers

Who We Are

Upworld, Inc. was founded in October 2012 as a not-for-profit organization seeking to engage the communities of Chicago through educational efforts. We seek to empower the youth of Chicago by giving our participants a new perspective on the world through literacy and education, as well as internationally focused programming. Following the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics) educational approach our core purpose is to improve the quality of life for youth in the Chicagoland community.

What We Do

Upworld differentiates itself from other community outreach programs by facilitating an environment that challenges students to develop a new perspective and providing them with the education, guidance and resources needed to succeed. We achieve this in three key ways:

Literacy Development

According to recent research efforts, it has been shown that Chicago’s average high school graduation rate is at less than 60% - much lower than the 80% national average. We are shown that a large percentage of Chicago’s youth has not completed high school and may have also been incarcerated or otherwise been reprimanded by the criminal justice system. To give these young people the foundation they need, Upworld, Inc. provides a literacy education program. This certification program will be one of the core components of our curriculum and will give students the footing they need in order to effectively study higher level content.

STEAM Education

Our primary educational approach is STEAM oriented curriculum It is our belief that STEAM based education is the best tool for career success. It will allow our participants to engage in fields of academics, business and industry that we believe will most successfully help to elevate them from poverty. In the future, we will endeavor to introduce students to the world of STEAM through targeted activities such as robotics competitions; application creation and coding projects; media production labs; and other related activities.

Global Initiatives

In line with Upworld, Inc’s mission of providing students with a broader perspective, the organization will provide students opportunities to build relationships with youth from around the globe. Initially this will be primarily accomplished through social networking applications. In the future, Upworld, Inc. seeks to provide students with the opportunity to travel abroad and study a foreign language.

What new functionality we are looking for

We are looking for a whole new interactive website.

Our site must be visually appealing, polished and professional. it's reflecting our company, our services. Your website may be the first, and only, impression a potential customer receives of your company.

Meaningful graphics:


Consistent layout:The layout is extremely important for usability. We need a consistent layout and repeat certain elements throughout the site.

Functionality:Across the spectrum, everything should work as expected, including hyperlinks, contact forms, site search, event registration, volunteer homepage & student link

Cross-platform/browser compatibility:

Fast-loading pages

Prominent, logical navigation

Search Engine Optimized (SEO)

How the new functionality will help

This new website will attract more donors and more students to the organization. This will give us great detail on how many people interact with our website and services. This website will help the organization recruit more volunteers and the website can help Up World gain more recognition for the work that we are already doing. Furthermore this website will help to establish and make the organization stand out as a leader.

How our organization will use the technology

This new website & function will guide us into what are the needs of the donor and student. It will give us insight on the application on what the student feels it needs from Up World Inc.

Who will use the technology

We will benefit by seeing how the students guide the their lives by the career function on the website. This will give us a better understanding on what careers the student would love to go in.

26 Messages from Supporters

2017-02-13 17:17:34 UTC
Tori Richardson

Up world Inc has provided me a mentee for life. This program taught myself how to engage students that I have not might have not come into contact with because of my career. These students have been a great part of me seeing what they go through and who they are.

2017-02-13 16:12:41 UTC
Charles Herring

This organization is in need of a great website. The extraordinary work that they do is needed for all of Chicago. The website should be a replica of that.hopefully they can be in the running for the great prize.

2017-02-13 16:15:56 UTC
Cleveland Pitts

This great organization that I have known for sometime now is doing great things not only in Chicago but around the world. The partnership to bring to students for a global perspective is needed. I know they will continue to do major work that is needed.

2017-02-13 16:21:44 UTC
Erica Watson

I can fully say that this organization has been a great pillar in the Chicago community for some years now, teaching students to engage in a global view is needed when things are much more than the city & state level. This is needed for new donors.

2017-02-13 16:31:22 UTC
Akirra Clark

My own children went through this program, and I can truly say that they have been a great part of my life. They have dedicated not only their time but also their understanding and ways that effect my own children. I have 3 children that came from the program and they are now in College.

2017-02-13 16:34:23 UTC
Susan Paterson

I have worked with this organization for many years now and the teaching goes beyond what you think you already know. They go into deep detail of the struggle and changing of the students ability by giving the a two year program. This organization should be the winner.

2017-02-13 17:02:19 UTC
Kelly Pansawshi

This organization is by far in great need of the website. More people are becoming very visual and more pop and fly. Without a great website we cannot fathom on how to engage students and donors.

2017-02-10 23:57:00 UTC
Sean Covington

The team at Up World Inc has provided students that desperately need help in literacy and personal development. These students come from foster care and juvenile Justice system. These students are the afterthought of many people,but not Up World. They service they provide is bar none the best for students of the age.

2017-02-12 23:13:16 UTC
Brandon Williams

Up World staff has been a great organization in the Englewood community. They have provided a great need for students that would not have gotten any help due to education needs in other schools. By far a great need for students to see and understand how the world works.

2017-02-15 19:38:46 UTC
Tonya Richardson

This organization has the student engagement down pack. They have taught and provided the students with real world solutions to everyday problems. The students have been taught from the ground up on how to approach things in a matter that would help navigate the life that they want. The website should show that.

2017-02-12 23:07:07 UTC
Charles Herring

I have meet the students at Up World Inc, they have a remarkable team around them to have them succeed at every opportunity possible.The work that This organization has taken on is a great deal to the community at hand. Their work is absolutely necessary for students success.

2017-02-12 23:01:30 UTC
Kenneth Toms

I have to say that Up World Inc has been changing students lives for a couple of years now. I have seen firsthand how much time and effort they put into each and every single student in the program. These students education levels have declined since being out of school, but with the program these students have had a significant turnaround in education and life.

2017-02-12 23:25:40 UTC
Fredrick Banks

I believe that this organization is a great need in the city of Chicago. The website will be a great benefit to those who need to know and want to help. This organization website will be a great addition tomorrow leaders.

2017-02-12 23:40:55 UTC
Ebony White

I have been a volunteer for a few years now.The team at Up World Inc has been teaching life literacy skills that have youth in Chicago understanding literacy skills in a new way. I absolutely love the organization and this is a new way to show our support.

2017-02-13 16:25:31 UTC
Brandi Collins

I totally understand the plight in the city of Chicago. But Upworld Inc is changing that day by day helping students getting off and ready for the next step in life. The difference in the mindset of students coming in and going out is a changemaker that everyone would relate to.

2017-02-13 16:52:17 UTC
Tyrone Peters

The great team at Up World Inc has been induced in the needs of students that might not get the necessary education needs because they are in alternative schools. They go beyond the need for each student and gave everyone a mentor for life to keep it up while they are transition.

2017-02-15 19:32:38 UTC
Brian Tezer

This organization has been a great help to me & my company. They have talk students the way of life and brought them into a new structure way of living. The students at this organization has been taught about global views and what can you do to change the way of thinking not only in your community but also in your world.

2017-02-14 17:47:18 UTC
Julian Johnson

The team at Up World Inc has been a dedicated team to the students at many alternative schools for sometime now. They have been moving forward with different subject that gears towards the students. They have been a major part in Chicago.

2017-02-15 18:19:30 UTC
Malcom Jackson

The way to these kids minds is to get them out the comfort zone. Up World Inc. has been teaching these students about their different lives and what they need to do to accomplished the world without any help. I totally feel that Up World Inc has a significant hold on these children and can bring them into a brighter future.

2017-02-15 19:28:44 UTC
David Masenberg

This organization I have known for a while, they have been a need in Chicago. While other do not teach the basics literacy, this organization goes beyond the typical needs for the student. I absolutely love this organization.

2017-02-15 19:45:55 UTC
Justin Daniels

As a student in the program, I love how our teachers helps us with understanding what we can change in our lives they know how to talk to us and down to us, they make us learn about instinct and understanding life beyond school.

2017-02-15 19:55:53 UTC
Diana Thompson

I have known the team for quite a while, and they have put forth an effort to provided students that would have went somewhere else. The team really care about the livelihoods of the students and make every effort to get them on track.

2017-02-15 18:36:12 UTC
Damian Willard

This organization has been a great addition to the Englewood community. They have been teaching students that are out of school to get their certifications and diplomas while attempting to better their lives. This organization needs this website for donors can be in the know of what they are doing.

2017-02-15 19:34:48 UTC
Johnathan Miles

Being a Volunteer for this organization has really taught me about the two Chicago's and what can I do to help a student out and change their mindset. These students are bright and determined to be the best possible student that they can be . With the new website it will change that.

2017-02-17 03:56:38 UTC
Frank Feng,

I got to know UpWorld through a University of Chicago event that connects people from nonprofit world across the Chicagoland. The achieving life stories of its founders and students have caught my ears and widened my eyes. From the dream of a few, this organization has become a great initiative and brave hope for many in the community. It definitely needs this website to help to grow. Thanks you for your support to UpWorld.

2017-02-17 03:56:37 UTC
Frank Feng,

I got to know UpWorld through a University of Chicago event that connects people from nonprofit world across the Chicagoland. The achieving life stories of its founders and students have caught my ears and widened my eyes. From the dream of a few, this organization has become a great initiative and brave hope for many in the community. It definitely needs this website to help to grow. Thanks you for your support to UpWorld.

Our Mission

Up World, Inc. seeks to serve the historically marginalized, often forgotten youth of our communities to create a brighter future through education, empowerment, and social entrepreneurship. We aim to foster a positive environment with a focus on personal responsibility to enable young people to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful in their professional and personal lives, and to gain a global perspective that will help them to become not only successful and conscious citizens of their communities, but also citizens of the world.