The Nerdery - Overnight Website Challenge

Chicago 2017, March 18-19

Total Resource CDO

Total Resource Community Development Organization (TRCDO) was established in 2000 as a 501c(3) non-profit entity, and has actively served families since its inception. Located on the south side of Chicago, TRCDO services all of its surrounding communities and suburbs in Illinois. TRCDO’s key strategy is to help close the service gaps for families that are in need of immediate wraparound services. TRCDO strives to be a “one-stop” resource by offering onsite programs that provide daily living resources and support. This is accomplished through collaborative relationships within the community and governmental agencies. TRCDO annually reaches over 40,000 individuals directly through health awareness and prevention programs, a food pantry, certified housing counseling, energy assistance, education, and mentoring programs. We work in partnership with several external entities, like the Greater Chicago Food Depository, Chicago Public Schools Safe Haven Programs, Afterschool Matters, Illinois Housing Department Authority, HUD, CEDA/LIHEAP, area Hospitals and the Full Gospel Baptist Church International Fellowship. TRCDO’s results include a yearly festival, which averages 650 attendees, and gives every youth a book bag complete with school supplies, and every attendee free medical and dental exams. Since 2004, it has provided a 12 week summer program that partners with Chicago Housing Authority, Afterschool Matters, Catholic Charities and Chicago Public Schools. TRCDO’s Mentoring Programs for youth and young adults (9–24) include an apprentice program for Media Telecast, Music Appreciation, and Career Development Training, Community Garden, and Counseling. TRCDO also provides Housing Counseling and Foreclosure Mitigation services that have assisted over 2,570 families and Energy Assistance to 2,600 households since 2012. In 2014, Pastors4PCORI was added to the services, which is a research training program for churches, and academic and medical researchers.

What new functionality we are looking for

TRCDO is in need of a new website and broader media presence, IE Facebook. Our organization offers multiple social and educational services to family and youth in need, at no cost to the participants. However, the level of technical expertise to get this done effectively is not available to us due to multiple funding cuts and the current technical skill set levels of our staff. Additionally, several of our programs allow us to deliver services and training venues remotely through onsite internet connections.

How the new functionality will help

This improved functionality will help us fulfill our mission by bringing real-time visibility to our community service offerings and the impact of these services to our funders and clients, old and new. The former will help to increase our client base reach, leading to service provisions for a greater number of families in at-risk communities. The latter will ultimately increase our funding levels by providing service level updates and website acknowledgements with partnering entities. This in turn will increase our capacity to promote and deliver more services and provide newer offerings quicker as they become available. A recent example includes a 20% increase in families fed through our Food Pantry as a result of the implementation of a computer based check-in system for services. This was promoted and implemented through our collaboration with the Chicago Food Depository. Direct funding donations from this partner averages $425,000 annually. Another is the partnership with Illinois Housing Development Authority and HUD that allows the servicing of housing clients in need of financial assistance for their mortgages due to loss of income to be handled predominately via the internet. Benefit for approved clients can be up to $35,000, which is does not have to be repaid.

How our organization will use the technology

This technology will be used to inform, education and advise the clients on how to access these services. It will be a go-to resource that will provide instructions and program information that generally has to explained verbally multiple times before the client can determine the right fit. Updated information that is accessible online will help to eliminate this redundancy. It will also better prepare the clients for their initial contact with TRCDO and increase the effectiveness of the counselors that work face-to-face with clients.

Who will use the technology

Everyone in the organization will use this new functionality! Because it is a small, yet strong and viable entity, making TRCDO's organizational introduction, performance history and program information more accessible will give the clients a more informed position as they decide on their service providers. Also to be able to direct others, especially funders, to this resource will continue to strengthen the credibility of TRCDO. The Nerdery has the cutting edge staff that can help move TRCDO to its next level service. TRCDO would greatly appreciate having the opportunity to work with its staff.

Before & After Snapshots

Thumbnail_chi2017-totalresource-before Thumbnail_chi2017-totalresource-after

3 Messages from Supporters

2017-01-18 22:03:06 UTC
Dr Rebecca Johnson

I am writing to express my strong personal commitment and enthusiasm for this partnership between Nerdery and TRCDO. I have worked with TRCDO in the capacity of trainer for the “Pastors4PCOR Research Ministry Training Program" and can see the exciting potential of having a website which showcases all the amazing and important work that TRCDO does!

As a member of the Pastors4PCOR Board and contributor to the pilot training program for Research Ministry Ambassadors I have witnessed first hand the value of research engagement to the faith based community and understand the potential added value that an accessible website could add to a grassroots established infrastructure. I have visions of links to research findings which sustains community life and helps showcase community generated data.

I have really enjoyed working with TRCDO and the excellent dedicated team led by Dr Davis and Bishop Gordon, and I truly think this partnership would be a great testimony to all of the hard work that TRCDO delivers.

2017-01-19 15:16:35 UTC
Jen Brown

I direct the Alliance for Research in Chicagoland Communities (ARCC) in Northwestern University's Center for Community Health. We have been partnering with TRCDO for several years now. TRCDO and ARCC have shared goals to improve community health and using community-academic research collaborations as one strategy to do this. TRCDO received a seed grant from us to support the development of Pastors4PCOR. They exceeded their goals for that project and have been successful in garnering additional funding and sustaining and expanding the work in the community.

TRCDO has also been a strong partner to Northwestern University in using their experience and expertise in research to build the capacity of other community and faith-based organizations and the capacity of academic partners at Northwestern and other universities including students, faculty, and staff.

I am excited for TRCDO's possible collaboration with the Nerdery to increase and improve their web access and functionality. This will allow TRCDO to work more efficiently and effectively and to reach more people.

2017-01-20 19:29:27 UTC
Regina Gree-Smith MPH LFACHE Healthcare Research Associates, LLC

I am President of Healthcare Research Associates, LLC and creator of The S.T.A.R Initiative, Strategically Targeting Appropriate Researchers. We have partnered with TRCDO to advanced patient-centered outcomes research and comparative effectiveness research. TRCDO has spearheaded the first faith-based African-American research ministry program in the US and world-wide. This work has enabled communities of color that are faith-based to participate in research without fear. TRCDO's development of training and programs are replicable and translatable to any community in any location worldwide.

I strongly support and highly recommend TRCDO's collaboration with Nerdery to increase participation and digital access to communities thru technology and innovations.

Our Mission

TRCDO’s mission is to "make a positive impact, one life at a time, to help change a generation". We strive to do so by equipping and empowering individuals with skills and strategies that help promote wiser, healthier lifestyle choices. Our purpose is to help close the service gaps within our communities so that those that are in need of immediate wraparound support services not only have access to them, but receive them.